Cheap Dates

Being single in a big city can get expensive, especially when you’re going on 1 or more dates a week. Unless you’re a model you’re going to have to spend some money every now and then.

Here are 6 cheap date tips (3 do’s, 3 don’ts) to keep you in the black and not looking like a cheapskate.

  1. DO – an unlimited brunch date. These generally are prix fixe at about 20 dollars each. With tip (if you’re paying for everything) it’s about 50+.
  2. Don’t –  go on a dinner date. Dinner dates sound nice but you’re looking at spending 100 dollars or more. Even worse? Once you order entrees you’re locked in. Date just got awkward? Good luck leaving before the check comes
  3. DO – Happy hour is your friend. 2 for 1 drinks, 3 dollar beers, 4 dollar wells, 5 dollar wine, etc. These places exist and if you’re drinking 3 drinks a night you’re maxing out at a 40 dollar date.
  4. Don’t –  go on a coffee date. Buying coffee is inexpensive and thus makes for a good date? Nope. Coffee on a date should only be a starting point. If you take a girl out for coffee she’s probably expecting it to lead somewhere besides the local Starbucks. If it ends there, you seem pretty cheap and also the lack of alcohol makes it really awkward.
  5. Do – A gallery/open bar event. I don’t know what the art scene or open bar scene is in your city/town but if you’re in NYC there is always a gallery opening or an open bar event going on pretty much any day of the week. Get on some mailing lists and paint the town red on the cheap. Plus you get points for adding some culture to the date.
  6. Don’t – go on an “event date”. Nature walks, jogging together, a game of ultimate frisbee. These are low to no cost but really aren’t good dates when you first meet someone. They don’t usually involve alcohol and if the date isn’t going well you then have to change venues (probably to a bar with a happy hour) cut out the middle man on go on a cheap bar date.

ps:  Groupon dates are a DON’T unless you’ve moved into dating territory.

pps: Just to be clear, not every date needs to include booze.  Just focus on dates that are fun, not awkward, and not primarily focused on being inexpensive. Museum dates, movie dates, free concerts and things like this work because they’re not too expensive and are centered around an event that starts and ends.

Good Luck out there

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