How to reject a great person: The 3 C’s

We’ve all been on a date or two with someone who is a great match on paper but you just don’t hit it off. This person is great and SHOULD hit it off with you but for whatever reason you guys just don’t click.

It’s not their fault, it’s not your fault, you just don’t have great chemistry.

In my experience, most people do one of 3 things in this situation:

  1. Continue dating this person because they’re so “nice” and initiate the PBO
  2. Become EXTREMELY flaky, cancel a few dates and hope that they’ll get the hint and move on – The Great Escape
  3. Avoid their texts/calls and hope they get the hint – The Slow Fade
What people should do is simple: Tell them that you lack chemistry.
When you do it consider the 3 C’s
This is all assuming that you guys have been on a few dates but aren’t serious. In this case a text, an email or even a phone call will suffice.
If you guys were headed toward something serious you should call at the minimum or even take them out to have a “talk”.
When you are doing your rejection, be sure to use the 3 C’s.
Be Concise
Be Complimentary
Be Conciliatory 
Here is a great example of a rejection text:
Hi there, I had a lot of fun hanging out too – but unfortunately the chemistry just isn’t there for me. You’re a great guy tho!
This is a a textbook example of a perfect rejection because it uses the  3 C’s perfectly
Here is where she went right:
  • You’ve got your compliment right out of the gate
  • The lack of chemistry is plainly stated
  • She closes with a compliment . It’s a compliment sandwich!
If you follow the 3 Cs and you can reject with a clear conscious
Good luck out there

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