This Date Sucks, How Do I End It?

Ever been on a date that you just want to end? Maybe your date sucks, maybe the place sucks, or maybe you’re just in a sucky mood. Either way, you want to get out, fast. Here’s how:

1. Carry cash, and throw it down

More of a prep-for-bad-dates tip but always carry enough cash with you so that if you need to leave in a hurry you don’t have to wait for the bill.

2. Setup an Escape Plan

Either pre-setup your get-out-of-date call or just pretend you got an urgent text.

3. You’ve got a Big Thing tomorrow

Suddenly, there’s a big project you need to prep for.

4. Be Unapologetic

Tell them you’re not enjoying the date and you want to end it early. They might get pissed off but you know what, maybe next time they’ll plan a better date.

5. Minimize the Pleasantries

If your date sucked, don’t tell them you had a great time.If you never want to see them again, don’t tell them you want to. Simple as that.

Good Luck Out There.