6 Things “Let’s Take Things Slow” Might Mean

Having trouble understanding what it means when someone says they want to take things slow? That’s okay, I’ve got you covered:

1. They like you, but don’t want to rush

Maybe they’ve been burned before by rushing into things, or maybe they just want to savor the romance.

2. They aren’t sure if they like you, but are willing to give it a shot

They might like you but don’t necessarily have a spark and they’re willing to see if one can develop.

3. They might not be into you
It’s possible in this case that taking things slow will turn into eventually seeing them less and less. In which case…

4. They could be trying to force you to decide to end things.
If the slow turns into distance, it might be a cue they’re trying to force you to end things.

5. They might just be inexperienced
Maybe slow is comfortable because of their inexperience.

6. They actually like to take things slow
Could be that they’re figured out that healthy relationships are built through connections, and connections take time.

Remember, ask why and if you doubt their reason, that says more about the state of your fledgling relationship than anything else.

Good Luck Out There

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