Spice Up Your Sex Life With These Products

I’m all about people getting better at dating, and also getting better at life, love, relationships, and of course, SEX. Consenting, adult couples should be having great sex, and I just wanted to share some awesome products that I wholly endorse. Bear in mind: I’m not in any way being paid to write this or recommend these products, I legitimately like and use these products and think they will definitely improve your sex life. Completely safe for work recommendations after the jump:

1. Jimmyjane Form 2/Jimmyjane Form 3

I try to write any advice I can give as gender neutral as possible but this is one piece of advice that really only works for Heterosexual couples or lesbian couples (sorry guys who sleep with guys :\). The Form 2 and the Form 3 are two of the best couples toys out there. Of course, they are also great solo vibrators for the ladies out there, so I hear, but really do work incredibly well as a couples toy. The shape is perfect for wedging in between two bodies. Plus, these toys have all these awesome vibration settings and speeds so they’ll work for just about everyone (so I hear, I don’t have a clitoris). Now, some of you more prudish or conservative types might be thinking Bro, why are you suggesting that guys use sex toys with their ladies? Isn’t that just admitting you’re not good in bed? to which I say: Don’t be dumb. To quote, like, a million people on the subject:

Most women need direct clitoral stimulation to experience orgasm. They don’t get it during intercourse because the clitoris is located outside the vagina and a few inches above it under the top junction of the vaginal lips. Intercourse simply does not provide enough direct clitoral stimulation to allow most women to become aroused enough to have orgasms.” (Source)

Around 75% of women need clitoral stimulation and are unable to orgasm through intercourse alone. Bros (and anyone else who sleeps with ladies) if you’re not stimulating your partner’s clitoris, there’s a 75% chance they actually didn’t orgasm. I dunno if you’ve ever tried to manually stimulate someone’s clitoris with them on top of you or under you but it is pretty difficult to do. Human arms just aren’t meant to bend that way. Vibrators, and specifically, the ones listed above, are just there to make your life easier and your lady more likely to have a pleasurable time, not replace you.

2. Fifty Shades Of Grey Sex Toy Cleaner

While I’m not a fan of the film, I am a fan of cleanliness when you’re getting down and dirty. Most sex toys, like the two listed above, are made of porous materials. If you’re using a toy made of porous materials, you need to make sure it is sanitized after every use because otherwise, it will accumulate bacteria. This toy cleaner is perfect for the task, plus it smells awesome. You could also use this cleaner with your non-porous toys (Glass, Metal) as well!

3. Sir Richard’s Condoms

Why I love Sir Richard’s Condoms:

  • They fit great
  • They’re Vegan and PETA approved
  • They’re made of all-natural latex made from rubber trees, a renewable resource
  • For every condom they sell, they distribute a free condom, through a partnership with Partners in Health, to Haiti which has one of the highest AIDS prevalence rates in the world.

So in conclusion: Good condoms, good quality, good mission. They are a good buy in my book.

4. Liberator Wedge/Heart Wedge

I’m a huge fan of the Liberator brand in general, but specifically love both the wedge and the heart shaped wedge. The wedge is great for pretty much any sexual position you can think of executing on a bed or other flat surface and works especially well with positions where the penetrating partner is on top, such as the missionary and it’s many variations. The wedge helps to create awesome angles that you just can’t get by laying flat on a bed. Plus, it does all the propping up that your soft fluffy pillows are way too ineffective to do. The pillow covers are microfiber and machine washable and feel awesome against your skin. My girlfriend doesn’t know this, (I guess now she does) but I use the wedge as a makeshift Lazy Husband pillow when I’m videogaming in bed.

5. Jimmyjane Afterglow Cucumber Water

Massage candles are legit awesome. If you’ve never used one, you are missing out. More specifically, the Jimmyjane cucumber scented massage candle is incredible. When you light the candle it sets the mood with great lighting and a great scent. When the candle melts, it becomes an amazing massage oil to use on your partner. Studies show that the scent of cucumber is an aphrodisiac which increase blood flow to genitalia in women. Also, giving your partner a massage is a great bit of foreplay. Sounds like a win-win to me.

6. Sliquid Natural H2O Water Based Personal Natural Intimate Lubricant

Let me just say that there is nothing wrong with using lube. It doesn’t make you or your partner any less better in bed. With that said, I’m sure that people who currently use lube that will ask “Why this one instead of say, this one I prefer” and this is where I get to drop some knowledge bombs. Why a water based lube? Well for starters, water based lube is safe to use on silicone sex toys (like the Form 2 and Form 3) where as silicone based lube is not. I know, it sounds like that shouldn’t be the case but it is.  Water based lube is also much easier to clean up than Oil or Silicone based lube because it’s less viscous. It’s also (generally) cheaper to buy. Oil based lube has limitations as well, the most important one being that you can’t use it with latex condoms. Sliquid is, in my opinion, the best brand of personal lubricant and the Natural Water based lube linked above is a personal favorite.

So there you have it folks. May your nights be as good  or better than your days.

Good Luck Out There.

photo credit: Maria Georgieva (Mimoza291)

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