How To Have Amazing Second Dates

Everyone goes on more first dates than second dates, but when happens when you do finally get lucky and make it to date number two? Here’s some surprisingly easy ways to have amazing second dates:

1. Don’t delay planning the second date

You’ve had an amazing first date and now you’re trying to figure out how long you should wait to plan your date. The answer is, don’t wait. Don’t hesitate by trying to stick to some old rule about dating. If you had a great date, ride that wave of positivity and start planning your second date as soon as possible.

2. Remember the basics for having a good date

First date basics are the same as second and third date. Pick a place that’s fun and convenient for both of you to get to, don’t be late, groom before the date, offer to pay, and so on. You can read more first date tips here, but all the same tips apply to second dates.

3. Change things up

When you’re planning the second date, a lot of the first date locations/venues that I’d normally tell you to avoid are suddenly back in the picture/of the window. If you want to do a dinner date, or a movie date, grab a cup of coffee, or any other sort of date that doesn’t work as well as on a first date, now’s your chance. Of course, changing things up ould also mean to simply go to a different venue than your first date. If you planned the first date, ask them what place they’d like to go. That will earn you some major points.

4. Use knowledge gained to your advantage

Your first date should have had a mix of light conversation with the “getting to know you” stuff mixed in. All that getting to know you stuff should be used to build on making conversation better. You should go with less small talk on a second date and dive into things you’ve discussed before.

5. If you haven’t kissed yet, tonight’s the night

At the end of your second date, you should have a pretty idea of whether or not you want to see this person again, and they probably do too. If you’re interested and they seem interested, seal the date with a kiss. If you guys have already kissed, well, good for you.

Listening to these tips will help get you to date number three. In which case, follow the same advice!

Good Luck Out There.