Podcast Ep.40 – A Single Dad’s Advice for Dating Single Parents

This episode is guaranteed to be one of your all-time favorites! We switched things up a bit this time around and had Delaney answer the questions AND talk about the topic while I, your humble host, spent the episode co-hosting. There’s a good reason for that and it’s because this episode is all about Single Parents. Delaney is the single dad of an adorable little four-year old and I thought he’d have some great insight and advice for all you single parents out there when it comes to dating. I hope you like it.

As always, we answer dating advice questions from the dating advice subreddit, this time we focused on the single parents.

My favorite takeaway was this: Don’t let yourself be defined solely as a parent, and if you’re dating a single parent, don’t define them only as a parent. They’re a person first.

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Good Luck Out There.