Does she like me or am I just being crazy?

spera7 asks:

So I have known this girl for a very long time and our family’s are friends. The girl and I barely talk, but over the weekend I got drunk and texted her and I asked her for her snapchat. She gave it to me and today in my story I posted a picture of the title for the show The Sopranos, she snap chatted me saying great show choice. We snapped back and forth for a while until she went to work. When she got off of work we continued to snap and it took her like 10 minutes to answer me back. When she answered me back she was wrapped in a towel and she had one on her head. I also asked her when are we coming down meaning me and my family and she said SOON! Then she said or I could just drive down and visit. What do these things mean. Does she like me or am I just being crazy?

Demetrius says:

You know, I was struggling to write a post today, so I’m glad you gave me the easiest question ever. You sir (or madam, because you never know) are definitely being flirted with and it seems as though this girl is definitely into you. I’m not the biggest user of snapchat, but if anyone sends me a picture of them in a towel, on snapchat or via text, I would just assume they were into me. Of course I’ve got a whole bunch of experience telling me that’s usually the case, so I’ll try to break it down for you with the assumption that you are very inexperienced.

Because no questions are stupid, I’ll lay out your questions and answer them:

  1. What do these things mean?
  2. Does she like me or am I just being crazy?

What those things mean is that she’s flirting with you. Sometimes flirting can be confused for friendly platonic conversation, and vice-versa, but I think in the entire history of human dating, if someone shows you a picture of themselves in a state of undress, and it’s directed directly to you and not for the entire world to see (think a sexy picture posted directly to Instagram versus a direct message to just you) they are flirting with you.  I can’t say for sure if she likes you or not, because “like” is so subjective. I would say for sure that she is interested in you in more than just a platonic way. How much more than platonic is for you to find out, but so far you’re getting some very good signs that she is into you. Her enthusiasm to see you, not just the part where she said she wants to see you “SOON!” but also when she mentions that you should drive down and visit are pretty clear indicators that if nothing else, you’ve piqued her interest. If you’re smart, you’ll drive down soon and see what the deal is. I’m going to go out on a very sturdy limb and say you’ll like the outcome. No guarantees, but yeah, all signs point to yes on my Magic Eight-Ball.

With those questions answered, I figured it would help you (and all the other inexperienced folk out there) to know some really basic signs that someone is flirting with you. These signs require almost no interpretation:

  1. Risqué texts aka sexts
  2. Risqué pictures. Including : Topless pictures, bottomless pictures, pictures in various states of undress. Exceptions to this rule are pics where various states of undress are the norm (i.e. bikini at a beach/pool)
  3. Someone telling you they think about you in any way that is romantic and or sexual in any way
  4. Someone telling you they think of you when they pleasure themselves
  5. Someone telling you they think of kissing you/sleeping with you/touching your junk
  6. Someone telling you directly that they like you/want to sleep with you

That snapchat where she’s in a towel? Yup, that’s sign #2. Anything less than the stuff listed above can fall into the flirting/platonic conversation so you’ll have to use your judgment. Hopefully the next time someone sends you a half-naked picture of themselves, you’ll jump straight to the conclusion that they are into you.

Good Luck Out There.