Podcast Ep. 46 – Beware of Catfish!

Welcome back you lovely, loyal listeners. Today’s episode is one that I wanted to dive in to for a very long time, and I promise it does not disappoint. One of the biggest fears and reasons why people are reluctant to date online is the fear that they will interact with someone who is not who they say they are. Commonly known as “Catfish”, the phenomenon of people pretending to be someone else is not a new thing to online daters, but it is something that’s been pushed to the forefront of the online dating conversation, along with being Ghosted, the Ashley Madison hacking scandal, and the prevalence of online dating apps for casual dating (such as OkCupid and Tinder).

We all know about Catfish, but do you know how to avoid them? Do you know what signs to look for when online dating? No? Well, we’ve got you covered.

First, we answer one of the best dating advice questions. Both the person who asked the question and the situation are full of a whole lot of firsts for us. Serious, this pod is worth listening for that question alone.

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Good Luck Out There.