Podcast Ep.69 – Money and Dating


Very excited to be debuting episode soixante-neuf of the podcast. It’s a good one, though not an episode about sex. I guess we’ll have to discuss the Congress of a Crow some other time. Instead, we talk about money and dating.

As much as we like to think that love is blind, and that true love triumphs over all things, we know that life and dating doesn’t work that way. As much as we hate to admit it, and no matter how gauche a conversation it may be, discussing the problems that can arise when finances are brought up in dating is something we had to do. In this we episode we talk about the problems that can arise when a financial imbalance exists between partners, the 15k pay-gap theory, how low my rent is (or hint at it anyway, I’ll never tell) and how sexy it can be when someone is fiscally responsible.

All the usual goodness you’ve come to expect

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