Podcast Ep.82 – What makes you Undateable?


Do you know why you’re undateable? No? Well we might. We being your humble host, Demetrius, and his very special, very awesome guest Michele Danna, the Creative Content Editor (and guest blog curator) for the dating blog Rules of Ungagement. I got Michele to sit down and talk what it means to be Undateable. We get into what makes us Undateable, what would make anyone Undateable, discuss the Mark Manson post “Fuck Yes or No”, and whether or not disliking cats is a deal breaker. Also: Cat Hammocks, Self-Flaying, Bad Puns, and the importance of being present.

You can find the Rules of Ungagement on Twitter on @ungagement, on the web at rulesofungagementblog.com, and on Facebook at Facebook.com/RulesofUngagement. If you have a good, bad or hideous tale of living the single life, feel free to reach out to Michele. Not only is she the Creative Content Editor, she’s also the Guest Blog Curator. If you’re wondering what “Ungagement” is all about, or how the creator, Olivia Elle, became “ungaged“, you have to read this post.

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Good Luck Out There.

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