Podcast Ep.92 – Cougars and Cubs with Mary Reilly


So, what’s the deal with Cougars and Cubs? I’ve always been curious, and the idea of a Cougar/Cub pairing has a certain appeal to it, but I wanted to learn more, and I thought my listeners would too. To that end. I have a very special guest for today’s episode, and her name is Mary Reilly.

Mary Reilly (The DateMeister) is an Entrepreneur and Dating Expert who is currently co-authoring a book (with Martin Kelly, Ph.D.) entitled “Dating Defensively: How To Know When To Get Off At The Next Exit”. You can find her on the web at TheDateMeister.com, or on Twitter at @DateMeister. She has a BA in English (cum laude) from William Smith College, and a MBA in Marketing & Finance from Columbia Business School. Mary regularly moderates successful educational dating panels about mindful dating in the new millennium with a unique formula of dating experts representing both women and men (across the spectrum in terms of age and orientation) from four different perspectives: dating coaches, matchmakers, life coaches, and therapists. She also offers free 30-minute monthly teleseminars with important tips about being present when you are dating.

Mary has partnered with Madame X in Downtown Manhattan to offer regularly scheduled “Cougars & Cubs” parties.  Her debut event will be on Friday, September 30, 2016 from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Tickets can be found on Event Brite at this link, or by searching for The DateMeister’s Debut Cougars & Cubs Party” at Eventbrite.com

I asked Mary the questions I’ve always wanted to ask a cougar. What makes a woman a Cougars? How young do you have to be to be a Cubs? What motivates them to date each other? What’s the appeal? (hint: it’s not just sex or money)

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