Podcast Ep.97 – Cohabiting will make or break your relationship

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Whether it’s done out necessity, in secret, as a compatibility test, or just convenience, cohabiting represents a major milestone in most relationships. In modern society, especially in the west, cohabiting before marriage has become a widely accepted cultural norm. Which got me thinking…why don’t we ever really talk about what it’s like to live with a significant other? Who out there really talks about what it’s like to live with someone outside of a marriage?

So we figured, we might as well be the guys to talk about it! We get into some of the ways that cohabiting can strengthen your relationship, and some of the ways in which it can weaken your relationship. Fair warning, there’s some pretty weird TMI stuff in this episode so consider this one especially Not-safe-for-work-or-kids-or-if-you-want-to-maintain-the-illusion-that-Demetrius-isn’t-super-weird.

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