Podcast Ep.105 – Need to Know


Sure, we’ve all got deal-breakers, things we’d never want or tolerate in a relationship, but what about the things we just, sort of need to know? You might not necessarily want to stay in the city you currently live in for the rest of your life, but you need to know if your partner expects to leave within a specific time frame, you know?

There are just some things you need to know in a relationship. Whether it’s something small like being allergic to your pet, or something a bit heavier, like whether or not their parents will immediately hate you, there’s just some stuff that you need to know so that a relationship can flourish. We get into our own need to knows, what’s happened in our dating lives when someone neglected to mention a need to know, and why the worst kind of racist is a surprise racist.

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Intro song: All The People You Know by Electric Mirrors
Intermission song: knowns by beat.dowsing