Podcast Ep.118 – Should you tell them you’ve met someone else?


We’re back, did you miss us? For the first episode of 2017 we wanted to answer a question: If you’re dating someone, and you met someone else, when you end things, should you tell them you’ve met someone else?

Seems like a simple enough question, so we wanted to dig a little deeper. How serious do you need to be? How honest do you need to be? Should you just never tell someone why you want to end things. We get into all that, plus a great boiler plate breakup message that would probably work well in greeting cards, and how cool it would be to have break-ups handled by an officiant.

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Good Luck Out There.

Intro song: Balboa by Jonas78
Intermission song: Ric Flair 2 by BenJamin Banger