Why yes, I will promo your site

Not so much a question as a comment:

I am Joseph Atkins, webmaster and editor of the 100BestDatingSites.org Blog. Our blog focuses on providing dating tips and advice to singles.

Recently, we compiled a list of our favorite 200 dating experts on Twitter. I thought you and your site’s audience might be interested in checking it out: http://www.100bestdatingsites.org/blog/2013/top-200-dating-experts-to-follow-on-twitter/ . If you do find this list to be a good resource, might you be able to link to it from your blog?

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.


Ok first off let me just say, I love that you didn’t try to spam me and asked in the nicest way possible. I think it’s a great resource (and I already follow a ton of these people) so yes, I’ll share with my readers.

Maybe I’ll make it on to one of those lists someday soon.

Thanks for reaching out and compiling these awesome resources

Good Luck out there